Place Cards

Having your name individually handwritten in calligraphy is a beautiful gift you can give to someone.

A beautifully personalised calligraphy will set the tone for your reception and your guests will certainly feel the love too.

Are you ready to create beautiful memories with your family and friends?


Take a look at some inspiration:

  • Agate Slices

    Natural stones previously used in ancient times for protection, good luck and good fortune.

    They are the epiphany of unique elegance. 
    A true crowd favourite.

  • Marble Coasters

    Gorgeous, classy and timeless.

    A keepsake that will surely give your wedding a true elegant and luxurious feel.

    A perfect all rounder.

  • Oyster Shells

    Perfect for beach theme weddings.

    Nothing like a bit of druken love, sand on your feet and oysters by the beach.

    Simple, unique and definitely a stand out.

  • Tags

    Let your guests feel special with their own personalised calligraphy gift tag.

    A thoughtful thank you for your loved ones.
    Perfect for a hand made and a personal touch with your favours.

Let me help you create lasting memories with your guests.

We can use place cards to double up as unique favours that will surely not be left behind!
You can provide your own or I can source them for you.

Use the form below or email me directly and let's chat to bring your ideas come to life.


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