Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


What is your minimum turn around time?

This is depended upon job complexity and the volume of your order.

I have a minimum 2 weeks turnaround time starting from design confirmation. This is when the deposit is made, contract is signed, sent back and final proof is approved.

Surcharges will apply if you require it sooner as I must move around my schedule and other deadlines to accommodate for this request. The final quality of the job will not be affected this by this "rush" order. Rush orders just simply means other projects will have to be moved around to accommodate your deadline.

Why is calligraphy expensive?

Calligraphy is considered a luxury service. It's an art form that requires dedication, time and skill. Many calligraphers have spent many years perfecting their art and have invested heavily in mastering this skill through mentors and other skilled masters.

Calligraphy is a slow and intentional process that comes in many forms. Different calligraphers have various styles and skill levels and the price you see around may reflect this. But no matter which skill level, calligraphy prices are generally built on the time spent on each project.

In addition to skill and artistry, the price includes the cost of materials and time involved working on the project itself. Calligraphy is a slow, thoughtful process that involves careful intention. Left and Willow Designs takes pride in curating products that are of high calibre. Each piece is custom handmade to make your item one of a kind. Even digital pieces are hand lettered. No fonts are used for custom pieces unless it is otherwise specified or requested.

Business costs are also incorporated in our pricing. There are many hidden costs such as electricity, fuel, website, advertising, software, equipment cost, and many other costs associated with running a business. Paper and art supplies can also be expensive, as a small business owner, most of the time I do not have access to bulk or wholesale prices.

If you have questions about my quote please feel free to ask.

Do you charge more for weddings?

Calligraphy pricing is built around time, skill and materials used. I treat all my calligraphy pieces special and unique. I value my time in each piece and treat each one with equal care that it deserves. I do not charge more if you hire my calligraphy services for your wedding.
I also understand as a former bride myself how things can add up but also want something extra beautiful and personal. Calligraphy is an investment. An investment in which I believe is absolutely worth it for the memories it will share with those you treasure the most.

What is your best contact?

Email is the best way to contact me as I do have a full-time job elsewhere where I cannot make a phone call as readily.

Email is the best way as I would be able to get to your enquiries as soon as I can.

Usually within 48 hours.

My email is:

Or you can use the contact form under "Contact" page.

Do you have a minimum amount for place cards, envelope addressing etc?

For calligraphy services, there are no minimums.

I know some vendors have a minimum amount they take on. This is because no matter how many you order; calligraphy takes a long time to set up. Set up is the same even if you order 1 place card vs 200 place cards. But I do like to be inclusive, so at this moment, I do not have a minimum amount for your event.

However, for day of events such as weddings, birthdays, and any other special events, I do have a design/admin/set up fee that covers my work outside calligraphy time. This enables me to take custom projects on no matter how small and it covers time spent outside calligraphy hours such emails, proofing, packing etc. This is a minimum of $20.

For calligraphy only services:

Once I receive your 50% retainer fee to book me in and have accepted your quote, any additional changes/additions to the order will be treated as a new order. Which means that if you have sent me your final file with your guest names and addresses and you decided to change or add to this file, it will attract another $20 to cover for the time spent putting your original file into production. This is because once I have received your file, it will be entered into various software systems or hand drafted ahead of time as preparation work prior to actual calligraphy. Don't worry we have a contract that will be signed which covers this before this stage.

What is the process for invitations?

First is a consultation on papers, print methods and designs based on your budget.
We can discuss this on the phone, email or book an in-person consultation with me so you can physically touch and feel for the papers and different print methods available.
I will then create an invoice for you and a contract for you to sign based on the services and products we have discussed. Once I have recieved your 50% retainer fee, we can start on the design process. If you decide later on to add on services such as calligraphy on your invitations, envelopes, custom maps, wax seals, embellishments, assembly etc, no problem! we can add that to the order later. The design process is as follows: We will create a mood board for you based on inspirations for your wedding.
Based on this, you will then recieve a minimum 2 designs to choose from. Once you have chosen one design, if you require additional changes, you will be given two additional proofs of this design included in the quote. If you require further changes, no worries! We want you to love your invitations as much as much as we do! However, to cover to the extra time required, further fees may be required. This process is the same for digital calligraphy. The best thing about having a calligrapher personalised your invitations is that sometimes you cannot get exactly what you want with a font! I will give you a few options of calligraphy. You may choose one and from there we can further modify the script i.e. more/less flourish, changing the letter variations etc. Once you have signed the final proof, we will then finalise the numbers and any add ons before it is sent to print production. A final invoice will be then sent if add on services were required after the initial invoice. We want you to enjoy this process and the invitations that you will recieve. They are the first impression your guests will get and serve as beautiful keepsakes for you to treasure from your special day. So enjoy this exciting time and we will make sure contact you in a timely manner throughout the process.