Customise your own Agate Slice.

Calligraphy is included in the price up to 10 words.

You can personalised it with your name or a couples name as a wedding gift, your favourite quote, table numbers, wedding decor, or even birthday greetings. Choice is yours!


Only have one blue left in stock but other colours are available for pre order.
Please email me to pre order other colours.


Pictures shown are pieces I have sold and samples I have done so far.

Visit my instagram @leftandwillowdesigns for more.


When you have purchased the item a hand drawn sketch will be sent to you before ink is applied to the agate slice.


Turn around time is 1-2 weeks not inclusive of shipping times.


These are definately a unique gift or home decor.

You can use display these on a display stand, by its own or have it framed.

Agate Slices

SKU: AgateSliceLarge
  • Approx 10-13 cm personalised Agate Slices.


    Ink colours are white or gold.

    Ink used is water resistant however due to the nature of the smooth wax surface of the agate slices, ink can be scratched or rubbed off under water.


    These slices are very fragile and can shatter when dropped so careful handling is required.


    Please note that agate slices are beautifully imperfect stones. Due to their nature, they come in irregular shapes, have natural holes and discolouration. Each stone is unique and different.