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Semi Custom Designs

Our Semi Custom Collection are thoughtfully curated designs with hand drawn illustrations inspired from nature and natural elements with the option of your names hand written in calligraphy.

Created with the intention of infusing calligraphy in a simplistic and modern way.

In our Semi Custom Collection, layouts and any illustrations cannot be changed.

You will receive: An option of having your names written in calligraphy from your chosen calligraphy style, one complimentary revision, your choice of colours, papers, printing method and other embellishments.

Sample invitation of our Semi Custom Collection can be purchased. Simply chose your style and enquire below.

Invitation investment starts from $500.

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The Willow Collection

Semi Custom Invitation

Inspired by the Willow Tree, this suite was created with the vision of its branches swaying with the wind coming across the page. Names shown are in a calligraphy style that are minimal, delicate and simplistic. This can be modified to your chosen calligraphy style. Complimented by a serif font text that is sleek and elegant.

Illustrations and calligraphy are custom drawn and written on paper using a pointed pen, scanned and digitized perfected and ready for letterpress.

The Olive Collection

Semi Custom Invitation

Derived from the simplistic beauty of Olive Trees, this suite was designed with the minimal design that is both modern and timeless.
Names can be written in the calligraphy style shown or in another style of your own choosing. Complimented by a sans serif font text that is simple and modern.

All illustrations and calligraphy are hand drawn using a pointed pen on paper, scanned and digitized perfected and ready for letterpress.

The Process

Enquire about our
Semi Custom Collection

Get in touch with details about how we can customise our collection for your dream event. 
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